Who Does Not Know Bambang Pamungkas?

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For most players, soccer becomes the part of their live. When talking about soccer player, you might want to make an article that take Bambang Pamungkas as the main topic. This Indonesian soccer player was born on June 10, 1980. He is the most popular in the Indonesian national team. In a certain soccer championship, he became the only player, who can create many goals.

As one of his fans, we are sure that you know how best he is in playing the soccer. Here is the list of the international goal that he ever made. In 1999, he created goals at Municipal stadium, Valga, Estonia. A month after this achievement, he created the new goal in the different place. Of course, Indonesia is proud of him. By having good soccer players, Indonesia proves that there is a great change to be known as a great country with the achievement in soccer.

Christian Gonzales

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Surely, everyone know who Christian Gonzales is. Even though he was not born in Indonesia, he is well known as one of the best Indonesian soccer players. He has a good achievement since becoming an Indonesian soccer player. Accord to League Board of Indonesia, he becomes the only player with high paid in 2006. The man who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, August 30, 1977 tries to expand his career by becoming an actor. He was involved in the TV series in Indonesia. Audiences give good response to his appearance in TV series. Before becoming an Indonesia soccer player, he became the player in his origin country, Uruguay.

He joined with Sud America, a club in Uruguay, in 1995. Unfortunately, he did not score a goal. Not only creating the good achievement, he also created some cases. Regardless of his cases, now Indonesia is proud of him because of his achievement.

Do You Know Maman Abdulrahman?

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Basically, Indonesia has many good soccer players such as Maman Abdulrahman. Like the other players, he becomes the pride of Indonesia. Every player ever reaches a good achievement. This makes them have the passion to play more and more. This 33 years soccer player got the best achievement as the best player in Indonesian League in 2006. As an athlete, he has a good posture. Besides becoming the best player in 2006, he has more achievements. With PSIS Semarang, he became the third champion in 2005. Yes, it is a year before he was well known as the best player.

In 2006, with the same team, he was able to reach the runner up position. This adds his achievement. When joining with national soccer team, he reached the runner up position in the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2010. If you want to collect more information about the other soccer players, sure, you can read other articles of mine.

Do You Like Okto's Acting In TV Series?

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The appearance of Oktovianus Maniani adds the list of good Indonesian soccer player. As one of the young soccer players, he is able to prove that he has the same ability with the other players. Similar to Gonzales, Okto is also known as an actor. He ever joined with PSMS Medan in 2008. He has the speed, accurate feedback and accuracy of kicks. Due to I do not like to follow the update news about this Indonesian soccer player, so I do not know when he became an actor. My friend tells that he became an actor in 2015 in the TV series, Madun.

That is right! Being a soccer player does not mean he has no opportunity to gain more passion and skill. If you are waiting for his next appearance in TV series, we hope that you get what you expect. If you have more information about him, why don't you share with me?

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